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Guess a Number



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Clear 'em


Highway Racer

2048 A sliding tile game
Asteroids (swf)-- Just like the arcade game
Blackjack JS version
Blackjack (swf)- Plays like a real casino.
Bridge Dealer
Check Out
Chess (swf)
Clear 'Em
Code Cracker -- unlock the pathway to secret files.
Connect Four
Copter Pilot (swf) --
Counting Sheep -- (swf) 3 versions.
The DJ -- a hilarious diversion.
Dodge -- you gotta be quick and precise with your mouse.
Dots -- sometimes called squares.
Duck Hunt (swf)
Draw Cards -- draw 1 to 5 cards or compete with your PC
Draw Poker
Five in a Row (swf) -- a game for 2 players.
Frog It -- (swf) -- excellent recreation of the video game.
Golf -- (swf) 2 courses
Guess a Number
Hangman -- Eleven word lists.
Hextris -- like Tetris in the round.
Highway Racer 4 part JS racing game
Hook, Line & Sinker (swf)
Megamillions -- random picks just like the lottery computer
Magic Ball
The Maze (swf)
Pacman -- just like the classic arcade game.
Pegs -- Javascript game
Peg Game -- (swf) as seen on the table at Cracker Barrel
Penguin Games -- (swf) four fun games starring penguins
Powerball -- random picks just like the lottery computer
Random Numbers -- 5 levels.
Red Neck Insult Generator
Roll the Dice -- 5 versions.
Slot Machine -- original Slot -- with sound
Stud Poker -- deals four hands.
Simon -- (swf)
Space Invaders -- (swf) - great recreation of the arcade game.
Taipei for Red Necks
Towers of Hanoi
Treasure Hunt (swf)        Rainy Night in Georgia

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