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WebTV users have an art form based on gradiated background colors. I invented a variation that I call animated gradtable art. Since PC's can not see gradiated colors, I have made some "animated" tables using flat colors.
These pages work fine for Netscape and Internet Explorers, as well as WebTV.

iMAC users with cable modems have reported being locked down by the rapid reloading of the pages.

About me: animated table art profile.

Nested Squares: 9 nested tables reloading to changing colors.

Quilt: 459 cells in this table. Shows 9 of 24 possible colors with each change.

Checker Board: 32 random gifs and 32 tables with color and position of checkers changing.

Rubik's Cube: was written for a toy challenge for table artists.

Rubik's Cube: watch the cube solve itself..

Studies in interference is a DHTML presentation that shows some interesting effects with tables in motion.

Quake Scape is a DHTML presentation of an imaginary cityscape as seen from an apartment balcony during an earthquake. This page was done for city scape challenge for table artists.

Tank 1 -- a little fun with DHTML. Marquee fish and a tabled fish swimming around in an aquarium. This one was done for a marquee challenge for table artists.


Rainy Night in Georgia: combines sights and sounds based on bad weather in Atlanta.

Jack's Castle was written as a part of a WebTV story page.

Haunting heartbeat house was written for a haunted house challenge for table artists. All the motion and blinking is a simple marquee repeated many times.


Bugged is based on a serious flaw in the WebTV (now MSNTV) browser. It causes javascript and all webpage attributes included in the head section of webpages to be inactive. This bug strikes randomly. Even though WebTV users generally know how to add warnings that show up on our browser when the bug strikes, it is very aggravating to have in our system. This script exactly fills a WebTV screen, it may or may not fit your browser's screen. Note the status bar at the bottom of your screen. The bug is telling you just what a stinker he is.
We never know when or where the bug will hit, therefore he appears randomly each time the page reloads.
Click on the image to see a static shot of how the tables appear on WebTV. Note the gradcolors form tables that look like cylinders. View Bugged and watch your status bar(bottom of screen).

Fiddlesticks is a screen saver of sorts. On WebTV it fills the screen and the 'sticks' have a three dimensional effect created with gradcolors. PCs only see the background color of each cell, but the overall effect is the same.


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